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Some motherfukas write Battles after Battles to we're there songs all sound Like crying and complaing bout shit or talking bout someone ......not considered


Hope you're well and still doing the damn thing buddy!
by cdub386 on 06/18/2022 at 07:25 am

BOOMDIZZLE IS DEAD BUT YOU CAN STILL KEEP THE VIBES-LIVE. sign up and upload your music and everything at . your music will also be played on VIBES-LIVE RADIO INDEPENDANTS ARTIST ROTATION
by robinlynne on 02/09/2022 at 04:28 am
by robinlynne on 02/09/2022 at 04:24 am

still playin your music on vibeslive radio
by robinlynne on 02/09/2022 at 04:02 am

is there a new dizzle site or somewhere I can put my music fam
by blaza on 12/31/2021 at 09:21 pm

Whatz good fam
by blaza on 12/31/2021 at 09:19 pm

yo long tyme man do if this site is dead cuz i can't upload nothing
by blaza on 04/24/2021 at 02:02 pm

YO iz the boom stil workin ?
by IZUNIQUE on 10/18/2020 at 12:42 pm

HEY Emmett how can i hear some of your music on The Boom ?

by IZUNIQUE on 10/18/2020 at 12:40 pm

Yo bro get @ me
by MONEY_FAM on 09/05/2020 at 03:32 pm


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