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DAZE has taken MUSIC and made it mental HEALING. Inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson, LL cool J and many others, the passion and dedication to delivering music with a message shined through. Writing singles like “Give it a Try”, “Call on him” and “Betaknowit”, have many listeners becoming curious as to what she will record next.
Performing in many events such as poetry slams, youth organizations, concerts and non profit programs, Daze is no stranger to the stage and live performance. When hitting the stage “Transformation” takes place. A key element to Daze’s talent is the ability to be the listener as well as the artist. In doing this, precision makes every track prepared for listeners and talent debut.Releasing singles in the Genres of Hip Hop, R and B ,Soul, Gospel and Inspiration, Daze is what you consider a hybrid artist. By writing and producing her own music, Daze becomes multifaceted (flexible) in this category.


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