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Somerset, England
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What happens in the day is good. I have wrestled with my style for a while. Now I have a new group of ideas. The idea is for me to play a classical guitar for rhythm and lead parts. I will find a classical bass guitar. I will use percussion. I will play drums and offer vocals. I could make some interesting songs that way. I think that this will make some good songs, worthy of all types of celebration. Thanks to the people who have helped me to get where I am today. Please write to me if you can help me with public relations and record label contacts. With great pleasure, my German language techniques have been blossoming recently. I graduated in a language called German and I rejoice when I speak in German. I also know Swiss German.

I know an album that features a good singer. She shares a name with someone who I am trying to work with. He works at 4AD. The label has offices in London, New York, Hamburg and in other cities. I am searching to work with 4AD. I also contacted a management business.


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