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LL Cool J Launches the Next Generation Digital Music and Entertainment Network - Boomdizzle

--Multimedia Platform Aims to Usher In a New Golden Age of Music--

NEW YORK -- Tuesday, July 15, 2008 -- Boomdizzle Networks announced the launch of -- a multi-million dollar, digital music and entertainment creation and distribution network. Boomdizzle, a venture co-founded by LL Cool J along with the founders of, Cyclone, and Alchemy Entertainment, provides a world-wide digital platform for existing and new artists to create, promote, perform, and distribute music and entertainment. By providing all of the services traditionally offered by major entertainment labels, Boomdizzle gives every artist the opportunity to become the next superstar.

"There is nothing better at this time in my career than to give everyone a shot at greatness," said LL Cool J, creative director and co-founder of Boomdizzle Networks. "The next legendary artist is out there. It is our goal to find them. Boomdizzle provides the opportunity for everyone with a dream to see if they have what it takes. Do you have it?"

In recent months, top artists have been re-writing the music distribution business by releasing music directly to users via the Internet. Boomdizzle gives artists easy-to-use tools to record, produce, promote, perform and distribute their music and videos directly to and with their fans. The company offers fans the ability to release new recordings of their own, remix and reproduce their favorite tracks and videos, distribute music to their friends and the Boomdizzle community, and interact with their favorite recording artists who will rate, comment, and rank their user-generated musical content.

"The Boomdizzle team brings together the pioneers of the music and entertainment world with the pioneers of the Internet," said Jason Barrett, founder of Alchemy Entertainment. "The Boomdizzle founding team has created over a billion dollars in Internet and entertainment value. We will leverage this experience along with the celebrity of our superstars to create the next generation of entertainment creation and distribution."

The company will exclusively distribute a number of singles and tracks by legendary and new artists during its commercial launch.

"New media provides massive exposure and reach opportunities for new and existing artists and has already changed how music is distributed," said Claudine Joseph, vice president at Violator Management. "Boomdizzle will lead the next revolution in music by closing the gap between artists, new talent, and fans. Their ability to promote aspiring artists in new media will be unmatched in the future."

Want to be famous? Visit and see if you have what it takes.

Boomdizzle. Want2BFamous?

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